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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception Multiplayer Review

Ok, So i recently bought the new 320 GB PlayStation 3 Bundle,Of course it came with the new Uncharted that i been dying to see in "In-my-hands-action" on Multilayer,So before you even start Multilayer you have to redeem a code and if you bought the game it should've came with a code on the Guidebook pamphlet.If not,You can purchase the code via PlayStation Store,But once you do get into playing Multilayer you can either play your custom player-were you can customize your players skin color,clothes,gear,and even weapons and boosters are something you must have for playing online due to users having a much higher level than you which i think i lot of multilayer functions in games should have better level starting for new players on to the online part of the game,but moving along you'll have plenty of multilayer game mode for you to pick and choose from,Team Deathmatch is my favorite! but to give a list of what modes to choose from there's-Team Deathmatch: Two teams of five square off in head-to-head combat. Three Team Deathmatch: Three teams of two competing in deathmatch. Includes a feature called the "Buddy System" which allows you to spawn on your teammate at any point during the match. Also includes special taunts, like the ability to high-five over a player both of you killed. Free For All: deathmatch won by the last man standing from a field of eight players. Team Objective: Complete the assigned goals. Plunder: Capture the treasure. Hardcore: No Boosters. No Medal Kickbacks. Just your skill. Co-op Arena - Survive the waves of soldiers Co-op Hunter - Two teams of two fight to score three different treasures in three different chests. One team is the Heroes, who try to score as many treasures as possible, and the other is the Villains, who are assisted by AI enemies. The team as the Villains are able to choose classes that mimic AI enemies both physically and with what weapon they use, and the players use medals they obtain to unlock stronger weapon classes to defeat the Heroes. Co-op Adventure - Similar to Co-op Objective in Uncharted 2, Adventure has three players trying to complete a certain goal. Adventure contains co-op aspects, such as capturing treasures, that Objective did not.

You also have co-op online multilayer, So if you have a Friend or family member you can both join in the action together online! Witch is  really cool i think so! I'm on level 16 right now,and it's cool how easy you can upgrade on leveling on this game.

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