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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Tekken Revolution, Hwoarang,Dragunov,Mokujin,Tetsujin,KinJin,And gold Orge

So me being a huge Tekken fan,This blog is about the new Tekken Update we has a couple of days ago,the new unlockable charcters-Hwoarang & Dragunov,1st and foremost Hwoarang is one of my favorite players! Next to Jin & Kazuya.Hwoarang was 1st introduced to Tekken in Tekken 3,He's a student of Beak Doo San,He entered the Tournament to kill Orgre (Whom killed his Sifu Beak) and is also Rival to Jin 7 Kazuya.Segei Dragunov was 1st intoduced to Tekken Revolution in Tekken 5 Dark Revolution,His nature is non-speaking he also is rivals to Raven,nickname is the White Angel of Death.Mokujin is seen when you beat the CPU with Perfects I believe,I think it's random but I've foughten Mokujin-Mokujin was 1st intoduced in Tekken in Tekken 3,Mokujin has no fighting style,He also has a use of telepathic communication.Tetsujin is also seen in the game! I believe like I said having Perfects on "Very Hard" Arcade Mode will let you fight Tetsujin-Tetsujin is 1st introduced in Tekken Tag Tournament,Tetsujin is basically a mimic of Mokujin.Then There's also the Golden king Kin-Jin,Who I think you have to have 5 "Perfect's" to fight him! Each Jin-Kin gives a shitload of experience and G (Gil).And the Golden Orge is also unlocked.

I'd love to see Doctor Bosconovitch
on Tekken Revolution

Sunday, July 28, 2013

My Review on Tekken Revolution

Tekken Revolution is a free-to-play fighting game developed and published by Namco Bandai. It was released exclusively on the PlayStation 3 via the PlayStation Store on June 11, 2013. It is the first game in the Tekken franchise to be made free-to-play in this manner.Tekken Revolution takes the series to a new way of playing. Various new mechanics are introduced, such as Special Arts and Critical Arts moves designed to help new players.Bound, the mechanic where characters can be staggered to allow more chance to inflict additional attacks have mostly been removed, with the only way to activate it is through stage interactions, such as falling through environments or breaking through walls. For the first time in the Tekken series, a stat-upgrade feature is implemented, in which players can spend Skill Points (4 are awarded every time you level up) to increase your character's: Power (attack strength); Endurance (health gauge) and; Vigor (chance of landing a critical hit or entering a Rage state, determined by the difference between you and your opponent's Vigor). Series staple modes such as Arcade mode return, where players battle against AI opponents, as well as Online Mode, where players battle each other through online Ranked and Player matches. Practice mode, which was absent during launch, was added as update, as was the option to deactivate the character's stats during Player Matches as well as various costumes and added effects, which can be bought through PlayStation Store,There are a total of 16 characters in the game, eight of which are playable from the start. Heihachi Mishima, Jinpachi Mishima, Mokujin, Tetsujin, Kinjin, and Ogre (or a golden version of him) are fought as bosses in the Arcade mode, though they themselves are not playable. More characters are also planned to be added through future updates.
Alisa Bosconovitch*
Asuka Kazama
Bryan Fury*
Jin Kazama**
Kazuya Mishima/Devil Kazuya
Lars Alexandersson
Leo Kliesen*
Lili Rochefort
Ling Xiaoyu**
Marshall Law
Paul Phoenix
Sergei Dragunov**
Steve Fox*
Here's a short video about the Gameplay in this 
free to play franchise.
Here's a Guide to unlock all Trophies.

Going for the Gold 
You earned over 1,000,000G total.

“G” is also sometimes referred to as “Fight Money.” You earn G after every fight, win or lose, so this will come naturally through gameplay, and if you are going for 100% you will get this before getting the “Embarrassment of Riches” Trophy (for getting 10,000 Gift Points). You can see how much G you have by looking on the main menu screen, toward the bottom center, directly under “Gift Points.” 

You do not have to have 1 million all at once, but the Trophy will pop as soon as you have earned 1 million total. If you are spending G as you go, then there is no easy way to check how much you have earned without keeping up with it or calculating what you’ve spent, but you shouldn’t worry about that. 

Fight Money (G) was first introduced in Tekken 5 and could be used to spend on costume customizations for the characters. In this game you can spend it (along with Skill Points) to upgrade characters’ attributes in the “Character Enhancement” menu.
Rising in the Ranks 
You were promoted to a higher rank.

This is the only Trophy that requires enough skill to beat another human opponent (although you may get lucky and play someone much less skilled than you, or someone who lets you win). It must be obtained in a Ranked Match and therefore cannot be boosted. Whenever the game tells you that the fight is a Promotion Chance, winning that fight will promote you to the next highest rank, and will earn you this Trophy the first time.

It seems very likely that your very first Ranked Match will also be a Promotion Chance, but I can’t guarantee that it will happen like that, so you may have to fight a few matches before being offered a Promotion Chance, and if you lose the fight of the Promotion Chance, you may have to repeat the process (in other words, gain a few more wins), but you will most likely keep getting Promotion Chances until you win one.

Your rank is shown to the right of your avatar. You start the game as 1st Dan. Ranked Match fights will be won by being the first to win 3 rounds (best of 5).

Learn to Juggle! Whenever you knock an opponent into the air, they cannot do anything except take damage, so try to attack them more before they hit the ground.
Learn to Grab! I’ve seen many players (from all experience levels) underestimate the grab (throw). They fail to use it, and more importantly, they fail to expect it. Try to mix grabs up into your arsenal.
Be Unpredictable! In addition to grabs (throws), just learn to mix up your attacks and try to do what you think your opponent least expects. It’s a mind game. Spamming the same attack patterns over and over works wonders against the computer in Arcade Battle, but good human opponents will quickly recognize what you’re doing and adjust.
Enhance Your Fighter! Every time you fight in any game mode, win or lose, you earn G (Fight Money) and Experience (which gives you Skill Points every time you level up, not to be confused with “ranking” up). You can then select “Character Enhancement” from the main menu and spend G and Skill Points to enhance a character’s attack power, make them have more health, and/or increase their chance of attacks turning into Critical Hits (which do more damage than normal). Be aware that whatever choices you make will be permanent, so spend your resources wisely on the character(s) you plan to use. If you’re having trouble winning a Ranked Match, don’t forget that you can do this.
You won a PERFECT battle.

A “Perfect” is when you win a round without taking any damage whatsoever. Many attacks can be blocked without taking damage in the process, but as soon as your health bar decreases any at all, you’ll have to try again in the next round. This can be easily accomplished in Arcade Battle (but can be done in any game mode). The word “PERFECT” will flash across the screen as the announcer says it and the Trophy will pop immediately.

This Trophy can also be boosted with a friend by going to Player Match and creating a Custom Lobby, and then inviting a friend who will let you beat them without attacking you. You shouldn’t need to go through all that trouble though, as you will most likely get it in Arcade Battle. If you do wish to boost, see “Never Give Up” for how to set up a boosting session.
[hide] - [top]Never Give Up 
You won a GREAT battle.

A “Great” is when you win a round while having only a tiny sliver of health remaining. The word “GREAT” will flash across the screen as the announcer says it and the Trophy will pop immediately. This can be done in any game mode, and there are basically three ways to approach this Trophy. (1) You can just play normally until it happens naturally, (2) you can deliberately let an opponent beat you until you have only a tiny bit of health left, hoping that they don’t finish you off, and then you try to win the round, or (3) you can boost this with a friend (see below).

For those of you who are mathematically curious, you can notice that every time an attack is landed, the number of damage it does in HP (Hit Points) is shown on the side of the screen corresponding to the attacking fighter (it’ll say like “22 DAMAGE” in orange letters). Each health bar has 150 HP. You need to be attacked until you have only 5 or less HP. However, a very simple technique to make this happen is shown below. 

How to Boost:
Select “Player Match,” then select “Create Session.” Scroll down and set “Maximum Number of Participants” to 2, and set “Private Slot” to 1. Now scroll back up and select “Create Session.” From here you can press Triangle and send an invite to someone on your Friends List.

For a very simple method of boosting a “Great,” have the person helping you select Jack-6 (he’s available from the beginning). They will need to perform an attack by pressing “forward+Square+Triangle” (or forward plus both punch buttons at the same time). This can be done more easily by pressing forward+R1 (unless you changed the button layout in the options). Walk toward your friend (if you stand still you will automatically block) and let them land this attack 6 times (each time you will need to get back up and walk forward again). After the 6th time, they need to press Square only once (while you walk into it). If done correctly you will now have only 4 HP, and your friend should stop attacking you and let you win the round. Note that if you or your partner have upgraded the fighters you use (through Character Enhancement) then that will throw off this method.

The video below shows & explains the above method:
Toggle Spoiler
Novice Fighter 
You played a ranked match.

If you’re going for 100%, you can skip this and see Battle Scars, because this Trophy will stack under that one.

For this Trophy you simply need to select Ranked Match and complete one fight, it doesn’t matter if you win or lose. I suggest that you try and win though, especially if it is a Promotion Chance, because you will need to win a Promotion Chance for the “Rising in the Ranks” Trophy. Ranked Match fights will be won by being the first to win 3 rounds (best of 5).

After you select your character, you will enter a sort of Practice mode while the game searches for a live opponent, so be patient.

You will need a Blue “Battle Coin” (or a Gold “Premium Ticket/Coin”) to access this game mode. See the notes above on how Coins respawn if you don’t know.
Just Getting Started 
You played a player match.

You simply need to select Player Match and complete one fight, it doesn’t matter if you win or lose. This can be accomplished by using “Search Session” to find random opponents or “Create Session” to invite someone on your Friends List. 

You will need a Blue “Battle Coin” (or a Gold “Premium Ticket/Coin”) to access this game mode. See the notes above on how Coins respawn if you don’t know.
Arcade Master 
You cleared Arcade Battle.

Arcade Battle consists of 8 stages; each stage is a fight against a computer-controlled opponent and is won by being the first to win 2 rounds (best of 3). The first 6 stages will be against a random selection of opponents (some currently in the roster, and some you haven’t unlocked yet). Stage 7 will be against Heihachi or Jinpachi. Stage 8 will be a “boss fight” against Ogre. You will have to clear all 8 stages for the Trophy, and unlike all previous Trophy-enabled Tekken games, there is no option to adjust the difficulty or round settings. However, the pre-set difficulty is very easy, and all 8 stages (including the boss) can easily be beaten with simple tactics. There is therefore no need for me to describe the attacks or patterns of the final boss. If you stay active, you can actually just spam the same attack over and over and win. 

You will need a Red “Arcade Coin” (or a Gold “Premium Ticket/Coin”) to access this game mode. See the notes above on how Coins respawn if you don’t know.
Battle Scars 
You played 10 ranked matches.

For this Trophy you simply need to complete 10 fights in Ranked Matches, it doesn’t matter if you win or lose. The game will not keep track of this for you, so you will either have to keep up with it yourself, or simply keep playing Ranked Matches until you get the Trophy. The Trophy will pop shortly after completing your 10th fight.

After you select your character, you will enter a sort of Practice mode while the game searches for a live opponent, so be patient.

You will need to use 10 Blue “Battle Coins” (or Gold “Premium Tickets/Coins”) to access this game mode 10 times. See the notes above on how Coins respawn if you don’t know.
[hide] - [top]Honing My Skills 
You played Arcade Battle 4 times.

For this Trophy you simply have to start Arcade Battle 4 times (meaning that you select your character). You don’t have to finish it, in fact, you don’t even have to win a single round. The Trophy will pop as soon as you start up Arcade Battle for the fourth time. 

You will need to spend 4 Red “Arcade Coins” (or Gold “Premium Tickets/Coins”) to access this game mode 4 times. See the notes above on how Coins respawn if you don’t know.
That Felt Good 
You successfully attacked your opponent with a Special Art 3 times.

Each character has one Special Art attack. You can see what it is on the character select screen, as every time you highlight a character it shows how to do their Special Art (shown after a red square with a white star in it) and how to do two Critical Art attacks (shown after blue squares with stars in them). Look at the top-most attack after the red square and you will know the button input. (Note that the directional input must be performed at the same time as the button input, and remember that when it shows you the button input, the 4 circles represent the 4 face buttons, so if the top two circles are colored in that means you’ll have to hit + (or LP+RP) at the same time. See the notes above on Button Layout if you need to.) 

You don’t have to land the Special Art attack 3 times in the same round, but it does have to be 3 times within the same fight, and it has to connect (meaning that if the opponent blocks it or dodges it then it doesn’t count). This can be done in any game mode.
Embarrassment of Riches 
You earned over 10,000 Gift Points total.

This will be the most time-consuming Trophy in the set. You earn Gift Points for every fight, win or lose, in every game mode. There will be Gift Point bonuses for accomplishing certain in-game milestones and there will be set multipliers (the first week of the game featured 2x Gift Points in every game mode), but there is no particular game mode that lets you earn them significantly faster than another. (You earn a base of 100 Gift Points in Ranked Matches, win or lose, but you also earn a base total of 100 Gift Points each time you clear Arcade Battle, which can be done in the same amount of time it would take to search and play a Ranked Match.)

You can see how many Gift Points you have by looking on the main menu screen, toward the bottom center.

In the process of earning this Trophy, you will also earn over 1 million G and unlock 2 new characters.
Love Me Some Tekken 
You signed in 10 days.

This Trophy canNOT be cheated by adjusting your Date & Time Settings (like some other game’s Trophies with similar requirements), and you will have to actually load the game and sign in to the server on 10 different days. The days do not have to be consecutive, and you don’t actually have to play any game modes at all, you just have to reach the main menu screen that shows your avatar and rank and stuff. The reason you can’t cheat it is because it’s not reading your system’s date and time, but rather is acknowledging that you are actually signing in to the game’s servers. 

The very first time you start the game, you will notice a pop-up message saying “SIGN IN BONUS: DAY 1.” These messages will appear every server day that you sign in, so when you get the tenth of these messages (saying “Day 10” obviously), the Trophy will pop.

The servers consider the days to start and end based on GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) or UTC (Universal Time Coordinated), so depending on your time zone, you may not be signing in the same number of days that you’d expect. For example, I live in Eastern Standard time zone, so if I play before AND after 8:00pm then that counts as two separate days. However, if I then play before 8:00pm the next day, I’m still within a day that has already been counted.

You don’t have to worry about any of that because of the pop-up messages telling you each time you’re signed in for a new day. If you happen to be playing during the moment that a new server day starts, you’ll get the message as soon as the fight is over.
[hide] - [top]A Familiar Face 
You unlocked a new character.

If you are going for 100%, then you can skip this and see Embarrassment of Riches, because this Trophy will stack under that one.

Characters are unlocked by earning “Gift Points.” You can see how many Gift Points you currently have by looking on the main menu screen, toward the bottom center, just above your amount of G. Your first new character (and the Trophy) will unlock once you have 1,000 Gift Points. 

The character that you unlock, and the order in which you unlock them afterwards, will be random, by the way.

New Update for Tekken Revoluion,Cusomization,Practice                      Mode(Free) and New Characters