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Friday, May 11, 2012

Going to AT&T to get my Ps Vita Deviant Monsters Bundle

So SONY told me that all i needed to do is go up to any AT&T store with proper identification to get my NEW Ps Vita along with the memory card and the Deviant Monsters game! I'm probably going to be able to make it up there next week sometime to get my Vita! Can't wait it's been like 2 months from the time it was stolen ! Then We need to go to the Pawnshop to pick up the PlayStation 3 that my wife sold *Sigh* can't wait for that as well i really miss all my PSN friends ! I'll hopefully be online next week ! I hope they updated the Ps Vita compatibility with the PS3 because i really want cross-play with my PS3 system! But hopefully all will go well! I also have a 200 dollar credit to my PS3! So i'm like so waiting to get my PS3 back!