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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

PlayStation Gamers! Mark Your Calenders! Sony's PlayStation 4 Debut.

Tuesday in Germany Sony announced it's newest console debut,The day is set on November 15th! In the GamesCom presentation which I've streamed online here,That they've sold over one million pre-orders for the $399 PlayStation 4 bundle,So if you're Into sales like I am,you know that this is very good for Sony profits! now there was some expectation dates for Microsoft's XboxOne but they haven't came to an official release date,my guess maybe mid November.As noted Sony's PlayStation 4 will be launched November 15th and November 29th in Europe,the conference also mention many new features on the new console such as Twitch (source: Twitch ) were PS4 owners will be able to broadcast their gameplay directly to there Twitch Channels by pressing the new 'Share' button on the DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller.They also have a feature for owners who do not use this function of "sharing" but like to speculate gamers broadcast  there video's on Twitch ,So say i want to just view on how to beat a specific level,or a certain Boss,or maybe I'm confused on what to do in Infamous Second son,you will be able to see specific game play in that video.Also mentioned a new PS3 Grand Theft Auto VI,500 GB. Custom designed headset,and a 75% discount off any RockStar title game when first purchasing Grand Theft Auto VI,they also focused more on PS Vita ! Which was good since I waited in line on the Ps Vita retail release ! PlayStation 4 will work hand in hand with Ps Vita,mentioned NEW Games for the Vita such as Borderlands 2,Kill Zone:Mercenary,Final Fantasy X:HD,Dead Nation,Dust 514,Angry Birds Star Wars,The Walking Dead.Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate and a lot of other indie publish games.The presentation also showed some Killzone Shawdow Fall multiplayer footage,the game looks great! the graphics engine renders shades and texture so realistic! The function of the multiplaying works very well,building your own war zone,browse and play custom war zones.Also featured Assasssin's Creed Black Flag IV,which can be played on Ps Vita via Wifi,as mentioned most games will be playable with Ps Vita via Remote Play,Ceo and co-founder also showed some new footage of Watch Dogs,and showed some exclusives for PS3 and PS4 owners,60 mins of additional gameplay,new skin for character and hacking boost. Minecraft is also coming to PlayStation,which people LOVE! Also showed War Thunder which is another free-to-play release ! Noted that if you want to buy a upcoming title that is on both PS3 and PS4 consoles,if you buy Watch Dogs on PS3 you will have a discount price on PS4 for Watch Dog,same with Call of Duty Ghost,Assassin's Creed Black Flag IV and KillZone Shadow Fall.So in conclusion it's a very exciting time to be a gamer,Correction-A Sony PlayStation gamer ! I've been a consumer and owner of Sony PlayStation products and consoles since i was 5,PlayStation 1,2,3,Psp,Pspgo,PsVita and now I'm thrilled and excited about Sony's PlayStation 4 ! I also appreciate how Sony focuses on Games,unlike Microsoft's XboxOne "flashy features" PlayStation sticks to why consumers buy a console in the first place,for games! Sony supports indie developers which shows a passion for gaming ! and PlayStation will and always deliver the best innovative creative games and consoles! Well this was my review on the PlayStation Gamescom presentation,Hope you enjoyed !   

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