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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Ps Vita's "Near" Application (App)

Near is the social networking app on the PS Vita that allows you to check in to real life locations and pick-up and or leave gifts for other gamers to find and use in their games. You can also locate and connect with your PlayStation®Network friends and other gamers nearby. With near you can check out which games are the most popular and highest rated by fellow gamers near your location.

Through near your location can be calculated through Wi-Fi hot spots or in 3G models, with use of GPS technology which is an exclusive capability of the 3G model. Be the first to find these valuable game gifts by logging into near via 3G and not waiting to get to a WiFi hot spot.
(Source PlayStation Website)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Gone to soon! Sorry ! I been M.I.A.

So just recently on Feb 22nd the Ps Vita came out in retail stores here in America ! And I have NOT yet got my Vita! But hopefully i will be able to get it some time next month! I been playing Uncharted 3 Trying to MAX out my Level Online lol Haven't really been playing Modern Warfare 3 yet but will start posting more updates on my pc soon ! Stay in touch !
-Fianse Aurellio