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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Infamous Second Son

If you're a fan of PlayStation then you know all about PlayStation's exclusive games such as Uncharted and Infamous,I'm talking about Infamous:Second Son for the PlayStation 4! If you watched E3 you should know why i'm in expectation of such a game! The games looks fantastic,Much more depth and feel about the characters in this upcoming title,I've noticed the smallest detail in the game-such as the fire sparks,the wear and detail into the protagonist jacket,his beenie and  face features,the texture and shades of the city,the maneuvers and physics of how the character .etc
Here's the E3 Trailer/Gameplay of Infamous:Second Son!

Judging by the game play the protagonist power seems to be Fire/Gas
reason why I say gas is because of some of the abilities showed in the game play,such as warping through steam vents and using combustion's of fire with  his chain around his wrist.Also noticing his dash he completely disintegrates into a combustion of gas and fire,So unlike The other Infamous were your power was in the hands mostly,and feet also through objects.
Second son takes place 7 years after Infamous 2,The setting in the game is set in Seattle Washington,which explains the buildings and environment

,Sucker Punch did a fantastic job at creating such a detailed game,the animation,texture,lightning,particle effects and detailed destruction.So Can't wait for this game's release! Here's some new detailed screenshots of the Game.