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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My Video Game Tester Resume !

Robert Gonzales

I'm looking for a very creative,engaging industry to put together all my effective use of my professional qualifications and wisdom as a QA tester.I have 14 years of gaming,and i have 6 years of relevant work experience and QA test mythology knowledge (regression testing,Video reviews on websites,bug reports to companies and a blog that supports what you value in a professional game) to help in the process of quality control improvement as a member of productive QA testing hierarchy.

QA Tester
A Video-game tester's role is to accurately analyze,test and communicate any defects recorded in a game,while respecting the QA's instructions and company standards as well as  bug databases softwares.
I will be able to effectively describe bugs (bug context,classifications,reproductions,expected,behavior etc.)I will also be able to prove my communication skills and teamwork ethics in a professional manner.

Qualifications and Skills
  ★ Written participation in various gaming communities and sharp evaluation skills!
   ★ Experience in demonstrating knowledge of customer needs and video-gamer expectations!
   ★ Effective PC/MAC hardware skill and knowledge.Advising customers in the choice of gaming     compliant PC solutions!
   ★ Trained in Adobe's Software,office suites,and familiarized Bugzilla report writing!
   ★ Professionally comfortable with teamwork and thrive in a challenging work environment!
   ★ Accustomed with detailed short deadlines and strict productive objectives!

  • Graduate of an Charter School in Lancaster California 
  • Honor's  Certificate in: Perfect Attendance,Certificate in recognition,Principals choice.
  • 3.89 GPA level throughout high school.
  • Completed Algebra 1,2,Financial and business mathematics,Celsius.
  • College Reading level,College Writing Level.
  • Attended Antelope Vally College Certification of Digital Media
  • Dreamweaver,and Web-tool animation knowledge.
  • Web-tool and animations knowledge.
  • Experienced writer,reviewer,Journalist and Blogger.
Work Experience 
Insurance Salesman:
       Worked in an hierarchy,completed paperwork,answered phone calls,got a lot of people out of debt,sold index annuities,Life insurance,protected family assets and became on of the youngest Insurance brokers in Antelope Vally.
Financial Advisor
handled portfolios,gave financial speeches,insured many with fire and casualty insurance,Mortgage deduction,helped with debt reduction programs.
 Blogged about many video games and reviews.
 Writer and Reviewer 
Written more than a thousand reviews on games for all platforms.

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