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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Tekken Revolution, Hwoarang,Dragunov,Mokujin,Tetsujin,KinJin,And gold Orge

So me being a huge Tekken fan,This blog is about the new Tekken Update we has a couple of days ago,the new unlockable charcters-Hwoarang & Dragunov,1st and foremost Hwoarang is one of my favorite players! Next to Jin & Kazuya.Hwoarang was 1st introduced to Tekken in Tekken 3,He's a student of Beak Doo San,He entered the Tournament to kill Orgre (Whom killed his Sifu Beak) and is also Rival to Jin 7 Kazuya.Segei Dragunov was 1st intoduced to Tekken Revolution in Tekken 5 Dark Revolution,His nature is non-speaking he also is rivals to Raven,nickname is the White Angel of Death.Mokujin is seen when you beat the CPU with Perfects I believe,I think it's random but I've foughten Mokujin-Mokujin was 1st intoduced in Tekken in Tekken 3,Mokujin has no fighting style,He also has a use of telepathic communication.Tetsujin is also seen in the game! I believe like I said having Perfects on "Very Hard" Arcade Mode will let you fight Tetsujin-Tetsujin is 1st introduced in Tekken Tag Tournament,Tetsujin is basically a mimic of Mokujin.Then There's also the Golden king Kin-Jin,Who I think you have to have 5 "Perfect's" to fight him! Each Jin-Kin gives a shitload of experience and G (Gil).And the Golden Orge is also unlocked.

I'd love to see Doctor Bosconovitch
on Tekken Revolution

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