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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

New Sony PlayStation AR

After all the delays and the speculations of what's happening with the PS4 exclusive title DriveClub, new details have been teased by developer Evolution for Sony's racing game.
"We're still working hard and we know you want news about DriveClub. Expect a release date, details + new videos in the weeks to come," said the developers in the official DriveClub Twitter, as quoted by NowGamer.
So far this is the newest batch of news to come about DriveClub, and it is a good bit of news for those who have been waiting for the game for long. Previously, Evolution has also assured fans that the possibility of microtransactions, a model that has started to appear for next-gen games, will not be part of the DriveClub game.
CVG previously reported the tweet from Paul Rustchynsky, design director for the game, who had responded that DriveClub will be "absolutely" free from microtransactions.
With promises of the game being "worth the wait," hopefully DriveClub will deliver to the promise, as it is one of the most anticipated games coming out for the PS4.
Augmented reality with Sony
So far, any news related to augmented reality is always linked back to either Oculus Rift or Sony's own Project Morpheus.
But it seems that there is more up Sony's sleeve in the augmented reality department than the VR headset, but it seems that the additional technology may make an appearance on the PS4 someday.
GameSpot reports that two videos have been spotted on the PlayStation Japanese web site, which shows off AR lighting technology combined with the PS4 camera.
A recognizable aspect in the video, aside from the reappearance of rubber duck demos is Hatsune Miku, where it seems like she's making a shadow on the onscreen floor. It's interesting how the interaction between the characters and the actual person in the living room is happening. Even more interesting would be the implications of these new technologies for the PS4.
As far as augmented reality is concerned, Sony has only made Project Morpheus the official tech that's coming for the PS4, but if this teaser is anything to go by, augmented reality technology and interactive games like these may make the games selection more interesting in the future.

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