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Monday, January 9, 2012

Grand Theft Auto 5,Character,Location,Vehicles and the trailer

Grand Theft Auto 5 trailer was releases recently and here's what I've noticed about what could be involved in this new exciting franchise is that the guy you're most likely going to be playing is and could very possibly be Tommy Vercetti i mean they certainly look alike and remembering that Grand Theft Auto Vice City took place in 1986,and Tommy Vercetti is maybe 25 years old.Now in Grand Theft Auto 5 it's in our present day which makes him maybe in his 50's so there's a good guess that this is the same Tommy in GTA 5
And another thing is that there will probably be animals,like dogs as was seen in the trailer.

Than if you played Grand Theft Auto you already know that you have the ability to swim and drive boats,and go to beaches,But how about Jet Ski's now ! seeing in this snapshot you'll maybe have a jet ski.

Also as seen in the tralier,Private jets,There's always been helicopters since San Andreas to Grand Theft Auto 4

You probably didn't noticed this but the graphics has greatly improved and i see a bike in here,So maybe you can go back to bike transportation,As well as i see trashcans something that was not in the previous Grand Theft Auto's just pointing out details and i see a fence which who knows will probably have more acrobatic movements in this game.

I'm hoping that you will possibly be able to play multiple characters in the game,And if i didn't look closely i looks like CJ from San Andreas is in the game (Black guy left to the picture) it would be very cool if they did bring back people form all the series like Lance,Niko,Tommy,Cj, everyone from all the GTA's in the crazy game but we'd have to wait to see what happens nest when Rockstar gives us another trailer.

What i do know about the vehicles in the game is that they will be fully customizable and if you look close enough here this is Venice Beach ! And looking at the car you can now drive convertibles,meaning they have a hood and with a press of the joystick you could convert the hood down.

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