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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Gamemaker A Software for basic game creation.

Hey guys ! And once again i have a very cool update,Well for those who don't know but there are game engines out there for free,I am REALLY free! Gamemaker is a software download that you can try for free the full LITE version is good enough,You can download it here  so if you're into making your OWN games here's a perfect idea for ya',You can make fighter games,3d games,as well as FPS, So it's relatively a good way to start out for a noob unless you want to like download a REAL game engine like blender or something,But hey i downloaded and i love it ! So i mean if you like 2d fighting games that's cool because it' the perfect way to freshen up on your own Video Gaming skills.Here below is a video on how to use it to make a video fighting game.

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