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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Saints Row:The Third Review,Tips,Walkthrough,Weaponry,Vehicle list.

THQ very own Grand Theft Auto,Saints Row has been a very incomparable game! It has awesome free roam experience as Grand Theft Auto with a taste of some excellent create a character customization! The graphics in this game is more of a sketchy artistic type,The action in this game is explosive and entertaining! The voice-overs are great and the fun is endless! So in the beginning you play the bobble headed character which is you later on in the gameplay with customization,The game features comic entertainment endless possibilities,co-op a list of places to explore,you have vehicles like:cars,boats,planes,sport cars,suvs,tanks,helicopters,the gat mobile,swat cars,motorcycles,freight trucks,jets,atv's,limo's, a lot of vehicles by name it's pretty much endless,the game is crazy ! Not much of a fan of the unrealistic combat and limitless ammo though,but here's a lit of the weapons provided in the game
The Penetrator
Baseball Bat
Stun Gun
45 Shepherd
KA-1 Kobra
Tek Z-10
D4TH Blossom
Cyber blaster
Grave Digger
AS3 Ultimax
S3X Hammer
Bling Shotgun
K-8 Krukov
Viper Laser Rifle
Mollusk Launcher
Satchel Charges
M2 Grenade Launcher
Special Edit
Cyber Buster
Sonic Boom
SA-3 Airstrike
Reaper Drone
RC Possessor
McManus 2015
Off-hand weapons
Previously known as 'thrown' weapons, off-hand weapons replace food, thus allowing players quicker access to these weapons at the touch of a button.
Molotov Cocktails
Fart in a Jar
Electric Grenades
Temporary Weapons
Main article: Temporary Weapons.
Temporary Weapons have a limited number of uses and are not added to the player's inventory or Weapons Cache.
GL G20
Shock Hammer
Riot Shield
And than by name a list of vehicles are:
From: Grieves
Location: Rosen Oaks
Subject: You got talent, i got work. Let’s bank a Bootlegger
Job Description: I run the working man’s chop-shop in town, and I need something big on power and short on brakes. This tricked-out Bootlegger is worth its weight in chrome, if you can find it. The owner usually hangs out around Rosen Oaks.
From: Rigg
Location: Camano Place
Subject: Rigg’s Sea-air supplies has an opening for a real shark.
Job Description: We specialize in air vehicles and watercraft, and we have an opening for someone in acquisitions. We can start small. Snag a Shark and bring it to the dock, and we’ll talk more. Try up near Camano Place Waterfront.
From: Andi Dae Dieter
Location: Sunset Park
Subject: Dis autohaus is in need of Sovereigns
Job Description: You look to make an impression in this city. Dieter has heard this. Want to be known by all the right people? Find for Dieter a Sovereign. Real men drive them, but smart mean steal them. The Downtown district will provide.
From: Andi Dae
Location: Brickston
Subject: Boost me a Halberd
Job Description: So my shop keeps the best parts in stock for Steelport’s tuners. You can start with a Halberd. It’s short on Headroom, but entry-level tuners can make it fly, yo know? Look around Brickstone.
From: Andi Dae
Location: Henry Steel Mills
Subject: Grab a Neuron for parts
Job Description: It isn’t a street race without a Neuron, which kinda makes their parts high-demand items. Look for them around the Henry Steel Mills.
From: Grieves
Location: Yearwood
Subject: Take a Compensator to pay debts
Job Description: Somebody couldn’t pay their gambling debts, so we’re taking their Compensator instead as…uh… compensation. Find it in Yearwood.
From: Rigg
Location: Sunset Park
Subject: Snag me a Miami speedboat
Job Description: This particular Miami was featured in the first episode of an ’80 hit cop show, and a collector wants it bad. You can find it around the wharf in Sunset Park.
From: BJ Barnes
Location: N/A
Subject: Humanitarian Aid, Inc. – Locking down insurgents
Job Description: We provide police and military-grade equipment to an exclusive Third World clientele. We’re big-league, but if you can prove yourself by stealing a Lockdown van for us, we’ll enlist you further. Get law enforcement angry and take one from a roadblock.
How to complete this job: To complete this job, practically, you have to start a small war anywhere in the city. If you have a tank in your garage, now is a good time to use it. Kill some civilians, and then make sure you kill the cops that appear. Increase your Police notoriety to five and then drive around until you reach a blockade The Lockdown will be there, however, make sure you deliver the car before the soldiers destroy it.
From: Dieter
Location: Brickston
Subject: Dieter must have an EMU! For art!
Job Description: Dieter is a patron of the arts, darling. The Autohaus has commissioned a glam-trash installment piece featuring this kitschy, midtown ride. Since all the little people drive them, go looking in Brickston.
From: Andi Dae
Location: Ashwood
Subject: Runner up wants a Torch too, too
Job Description: This particular Torch is Steelport’s street racing champion. Now the sore-loser second-place finisher wants it. You’re gonna find it around Ashwood
From: Grieves
Location: Burns Hill
Subject: Kick up a Sandstorm
Job Description: Those “Xtreme” supercross gearheads can’t get enough of the Sandstorm. That’s why they get stolen. So steal one. You might try looking around Burns Hill.
From: Rigg
Location: Sunset Park
Subject: No longer the oppressor
Job Description: The Oppressor’s been the cop’s eye in the sky, and a thorn in the side of honest criminals for years. It’s perfect for carrying cops….or framing them. Get my drift? The cops usually have one parked and at-the-ready down by the old power plant in Sunset Park.
From: BJ Barnes
Location: N/A
Subject: Bravo target designation: N-Forcer
Job Description: Here at Humanitarian Aid, Inc., we think it’s unfair that STAG has these monsters and our clients don’t. Hep even the odds. If you don’t know how to get one of these N-Forcers after you by now, you’re doing something wrong.
Status Quo
From: Dieter
Location: New Baranec
Subject: Urgent! Dieter needs to keep the Status Quo!
Job Description: There is a fabulous party tonight to which Dieter is invited. Whether you are closing billion-dollar deals or parading around five escorts (Dieter does both) you need a Status Quo! Look along the New Baranec strip for Dieter.
From: Dieter
Location: Yearwood
Subject: Mixmaster Solution
Job Description: Problem people get cement shoes. Dieter’s clients have a lot of problems. Dieter needs a lot of cement. Find a Longhauler “Mixmaster” in Yearwood.
From: Dieter
Location: Henry Steel Mills
Subject: Dieter wants Justice!
Job Description: I simply must have a walnut dash and heated foot pedals. Nothing will do but a Justice. Find one in Henry Steel Mills.
From: Dieter
Location: Port Pryor
Subject: Find a Titan for me, won’t you?
Job Description: So big, so fierce, so bulletproof. But a Titan’s most-attractive feature to Dieter is how often they are filled with bags of cash. Find a few near the Three Count, picking up the casino take no doubt.
From: Andi Dae
Location: Loren Square
Subject: Snatching this Vortex is a win/win
Job Description: European roadster styling meets high resale value in the Vortex, meaning baby, we can’t lose on this one. You can find them in or around Downtown.
From: Andi Dae
Location: Bridgeport
Subject: Feel like grabbing this Kaneda for me?
Job Description: Mint-condition Kanedas bring big bucks on the underground bikes racing circuits, if you can catch one. Try looking in Bridgeport.
From: Andi Dae
Location: New Baranec
Subject: Need a super-exotic Temptress pronto
Job Description: You don’t see a lot of these… The Temptress is stylish, agile and very very fast. People pay top-dollar for these machines. I will, too yah? Try looking around the strip in New Baranec.
From: Grieves
Location: Sunset Park
Subject: Snag me a Scrubber
Job Description: These street cleaners keep Steeport’s streets and casino parking lots free of trash, blood and puke. You can find ‘em pretty much anywhere Downtown late at night.
Steelport Municipal
From: Grieves
Location: Camano Place
Subject: Why do I need a trash truck?
Job Description: Because sometimes you just need to take out the trash. These hunks of municipal steel roam the streets all over in the wee of the morning.
From: Grieves
Location: Espina
Subject: Best to haul a big load with a Peterliner
Job Description: Gas ain’t cheap, and with prices going up, the Peterliner’s just the thing to bring back a tanker-load of black market fuel. You can find it in Espina.
From: Rigg
Location: Sierra Point
Subject: Require a Commander for a client
Job Description: This thing’s a seagoing enforcer. It’s just as good for chasing waterborne perps as it is cruising the Mekong Delta. And smugglers love ‘em too. You can always find a Commander docked off Sierra Point… that’s the Guard base just north of the big statue.
From: Rigg
Location: Wesley Cutter INTL
Subject: Got a request for a heavy lifting Stork
Job Description: The Stork can transport just about anything… smuggled goods, smuggled people, smuggled goods IN smuggled people. Get one in or around the airport.
From: Rigg
Location: Wesley Cutter INTL
Subject: Another airport run with a Woodpecker
Job Description: Normally I wouldn’t ask you to land a plane on the pier, but someone stuffed this Woodpecker with some contraband we need back. Find it on the tarmac up at the Cutter International.
From: BJ Barnes
Location: Sierra Point
Subject: Charlie target designation: Tornado
Job Description: A very big client needs a Tornado to help him win a very little war. Check the Guard Base for one.
From: BJ Barnes
Location: Port Pryor
Subject: Delta target designation: Vulture
Job Description: Killbane ordered one of these for his boys in a fit of grandiosity, but doesn’t have anyone who knows how to fly it. We’ll put this Vulture to better use. It’s parked on a dock near the Three Count.
From: BJ Barnes
Location: Sierra Point
Subject: Echo target designation: Challenger
Job Description: Yes, we want you to steal a Challenger Tank. If it were easy we wouldn’t be paying you as much as we are. Try near the armory, and expect a lot more guards.
From: BJ Barnes
Location: Sunset Park
Subject: Foxtrot target designation: Condor
Job Description: This one is the big score. STAG’s heavy lifter could make somebody the ultimate gateway vehicle. The Condor is well guarded, but you can find one near their Base in Sunset Park.
So overall I'm still a fan of the Saints Row,The gameplay is good,The weaponry is ok and the action is excellent very fun and entertaining ! baddass game!

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