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Monday, March 19, 2012

Batman Arkam City Gameplay

So I was playing the new highly expected Batman and one thing I love about the game is the graphics the feeling of playing Batman the way they created the city to look and feel,It has this grimey feel and look to it,It looks like a totally unsafe city to be in fact the whole city is a complete Jail ran by the Joker,They have all the original enmities from the Batman series and that makes a BIG difference in this Batman game,I love the city feel and the way it shapes your surroundings when diving from a high place using Batman's cape,The only issue I have with the game is the way the fighting is,The fighting combat is good but the fighting feel sucks! Batman's moves and style is good but his moves feel to stiff to me! The feel of Batman actually fighting is lost! It feels empty and he's to stiff like he's really tryna' fight TOO HARD ! But other than that i hope to beat the game and tell the tale of Batman! Keep in touch ! ^.^

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