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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I Finally Got The Ps Vita My Wife Bought It For Me

So i finally got the vita, been had it though for about a week or so,I got the WiFi only model,The Vita is what the Psp SHOULD HAVE BEEN! I love the look of the screen the OLED brightness of the screen as well as the bigger screen size ! The games are pretty cool! And i played Reality Fighters! Which is a awesome game to me! basically you can scan your face with the Vita's rear or front facing camera and take a head shot pic of yourself and input your own face in the game ! Were it actually virtually looks like you ! It also has the card feature will you can place your card anywhere from your house,To your kitchen table to your bathroom sink, Hell you can fight on your stomach! The PS Vita is really going somewhere with it's fancy new features! I love the new innovation the PS Vita brings to the platforming table ! new things ! New ideas! Sony let you brains overflow me with the immersion of "Live,Long,Play" because I'm lovin' it ..... funny sounds like a Mc Donald commercial... but any-who the Vita Content Manager is really easy to use and is a way better way to copy and download media onto or from the Ps Vita.Pictures, Movies and music is just a flick away from your hands the feel on the rear of the surface of the Vita is very comfortable,Where you can rest your fingers in a slot...don't know if people really care about this but I notice it right away.But to give a heads up for those who are 1st buyers! If your going to buy the Ps Vita whether it be WiFi or 3G buy a MEMORY CARD lol and not a 4GB because 4 gigs will do nothing for you! The games are clearer and more brighter and have a vivid picture and a dynamic scenic display so DVDs look GREAT on it! I will post some pic's soon.The only down fall I noticed about the Vita is that as far as Internet stability it doesn't have .... FLASH! So no YouTube watching on the Vita! :( But all is well because i believe SONY will upgrade this new machine to it's peak performance ! Highly expected of Sony! And I'm very curious to see what new kind of apps will be on the PS Vita !

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