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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

‘Bloodborne’ Release Date Rumors, Plot, Trailer Leak, Spoilers, And Newest Updates: Will Be Available For Xbox, PC, And PlayStation 4 Consoles?

BloodBorne (2015)

The highly anticipated news on video game "Bloodborne" release date rumors have finally trimmed down an almost-definite date for next year. Other news such as characters and plotlines has also been revealed online.
Sony introduces another adventure video game "Bloodborne" into the gaming industry. Based on the recently released trailer, "Bloodborne" release date rumors that suggest the game will be available by next year shows that the game feels a little bit like "Demon's Souls" and "Dark Souls" games.
From Software's "Demon's Souls" released in 2009 is an RPG video game set in a dark fantasy world; "Dark Souls" is known as a successor of the previous, created for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 released in 2012.
According to the director Hidetaka Miyazaki, "Bloodborne" release date rumors that place the launch in 2015, the new game will only be released for the PlayStation 4 console.
He says in an interview with PlayStation Lifestyle, "I always wanted to make a game set in the Victorian era, but to make it look good with all the clothing and the architecture and the things, required a console more powerful than the ones that were around. The arrival of the PlayStation 4 finally gives us that. Bloodborne is not a game that could have been cross-generation; it was only possible for PS4."
Reviews online after a teaser trailer has been released early in June shows that although "Bloodborne" (upon release date rumors) is a new game, fans of "Souls" games will feel a familiarity concerning the controls and gameplay. However, "Bloodborne" adds its own spunk to the RPG genre at it includes weapons like guns and other artillery.To date, "Bloodborne" release date rumors have two launch dates: February or March 2015. Although there has been no official statement from the creators, at lease "Bloodborne" release date has been set to an early 2015 - fans wouldn't have to wait much longer. 

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