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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Final Fantasy 15 NEWS: Gameplay Footage One Week Away!!

Final Fantasy XV Gets New Broadcast

The last time Square Enix treated us to some Final Fantasy 15 information, we were delighted with the amount that they had on display. Let's hope they can replicate this experience at the next live stream they have lined up for October 31st.
The show was previously dubbed Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Flash Talk Show, but has now been amended to include Final Fantasy XV. The next broadcast switches over to Director Tabata's Active Time Report, and is scheduled for 8:00pm Japan Time. In addition to Hajime Tabata, the broadcast will feature guests from the development team, and will arrive as part of Paris Games Week. The full presentation will be available to stream via Square Enix Presents.
Naturally it'll be in Japanese like the previous one, but (like the previous one) they will certainly release an english version a little while later. But for those who are excited to catch a glimpse of Square Enix's next instalment, you've got to be online at 12pm for GMT or 5am for PST (sorry guys).
Final Fantasy XV
Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy PC

As of now, it seems that Final Fantasy XV is not really happening for PC. Xbox One and PS4 have been confirmed, but there seems to progressive difficulties with the PC. They've said that there is no PC version 'so far' but does this hint at any kind of consideration for the platform? How many of you out there would buy Final Fantasy XV for PC over Xbox One or PS4?
Next year we are to be offered up a 4-hour demo of the game that all of us can sink our teeth into! With any luck a release date may follow, at least then we can stop waiting with bated breath. But until then the details surrounding Final Fantasy's PC information is still pretty sketchy. At least we know they're making the actual game though, and it's moving along swiftly!
If you haven't checked out the game's gameplay demo, then you are seriously missing it out!!

Also check out this more recent Combat Battle System trailer below to see how the Final Fantasy series is evolving! I think this game is looking to encompass a much larger audience than the previous games by making its chore mechanics a little more accessible. But then having not played any of the other titles with the number '15' in this game's one, I think you'd feel a bit put off already!

                 Are you a big Final Fantasy fan?!
  • All the way, I've been with them since the beginning and haven't missed one since!
  • I haven't played all of them but I am a massive fan of this series!!
  • Played one or two, but this one looks great!
  • Not really my kind of game at all.

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